Internal Motivations = External Culture

“Internal motivations create the culture around you. When we have the right motivations & culture, anything we do can be a success.” – Chris Hodges

I’m a student of WHAT great leaders DO.  What are their systems, process, best practices?  However, recently I’ve been challenged that it’s not all about what I DO that makes me successful.  I can plug a great system into a bad culture and fail.  Culture is what matters most. To be specific, a life-giving culture matters most.

Chris Hodges recently talked about how our “internal motivations” are the determining factors of the culture around us.  He listed out 3 internal motivations he has.  These were a challenge to me.  Over the next few days I’ll list these out with some of my own thoughts.

1st Internal Motivation:  LOVING LIFE.

  • I have been guilty of thinking, “One day, when ________ happens, then life will be great!” Truth is, _______ will never happen.  I’ll always be looking ahead.
  • I need to find joy in TODAY!  In my daughter’s soccer game, the meeting that I’m in, the fact that my kids still run to me when I come home, the weather today, the fact that my church is alive, the friends I have.
  • Things like WORRY & INSECURITY choke this joy out.
  • I too often embrace the “Good Ol Days Doctrine”: Thinking my best days were either the one’s gone by or the one’s ahead…never the one that I’m in.
  • I have to embrace the atittude that the best day of my life is right now!  “I will enjoy ___________.” Whatever _________ is.
  • We love life when we embrace the joy of today.
  • Find satisfaction with the day we’re in.
  • 2 Corinthians 6:10 “…sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.”

Question: Do I…do you love life?  Do we love today?  Are we in love with our lives?


One response to “Internal Motivations = External Culture

  1. GREAT post. Seems like I always need to be reminded to simply love life. An internal motivation like that can change everything! Thanks!

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