A bit broken…

Love is intentionally doing something caring or helpful for another person, regardless of the cost or consequence.

I have a confession…I’ve never been that into the whole “social justice” thing.  I’m sure that sounds harsh.  It probably is.  I have felt like it’s a fad in the church that’s really hot right now.  That said, I do BELIEVE in serving people, caring for the under-resourced, reaching out to the hungry, poor and destitute.  I have just never reflected that in my BEHAVIOR.  I know that I am wired to walk into a room and to look for the leaders and/or potential leaders…it’s who I naturally see.  I’m not wired to naturally see the people who are in need.  My “gifting” has become my excuse.

2 weeks ago I helped lead (actually one our interns, Morgan Tomberlin, led it) a weekend missions experience to Seacoast’s Dream Center in North Charleston, SC.  Something in me started happening a couple of weeks before the trip, was ignited a little while I was there & has continued to burn since I’ve been home.  I hesitate to use this word, but I almost feel something “breaking” in me.  I feel a sense of brokenness towards the impoverished like I never have.

On that trip I witnessed how much we can actually help someone when we rally together, how much good we can do.  I also saw how open people are to the love of Jesus when they feel the tangible love of people.  I also stood back and watched how this can be lived out in a local church.  I was amazed.

Now I am not saying that my gifts & wiring have changed…I’m saying that my heart is changing.  I’m still a leader who loves leaders.  I want to develop as many young leaders as I can in my lifetime.  I want them to do more than I’ve ever done.  That said, I feel like for the first time, I may be becoming a leader who is really broken.  I hope that’s the case.

What I’m wrestling with right now is “How can I leverage what I HAVE, what I can DO & what I’m actually GOOD AT to help heal the broken state of so many people in our world?”

I’ll let you know if/when I ever figure out that answer.


One response to “A bit broken…

  1. Patricia Yonce

    Been thinking about your post since yesterday. Though many view being broken as a negative thing, there are many examples in the Bible of people being broken. Sometimes I think we need to be broken so that we can see things like God sees them, so that our heart becomes just a little more like His.

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